Friday, 14 February 2014

GMO Threat !!! Now in Bangladesh

GMO Threat !!! Now in Bangladesh

For your own future join with us

Our country is very rich in biodiversity and our society is based on a diverse agriculture. Any wrong step can cause a disaster for the masses of farmers. We don’t waste our time to discuss any “economic benefits” of GMO technology. We want to stop its introduction into bangla agriculture to save our farmers and the environment.

 We are not machines and don’t want to get fed with artificial chemicals. Our food is alive and what is on our plate shall not come from the laboratory. For GMO companies food is just a product to serve their profits but for us food is a holy part for our daily life.

If the GMO bomb explodes on Bangladesh, and i am suffering from it. You will also be affected wherever you live. GMOs not only affect me and our farmers – it will destroy your biodiversity as well.

They have tried in India and failed - they tried in Indonesia and Europe and have been kicked out. For profits GMO companies are acting like mad dogs. But in Bangladesh the GMO lobby has misguided us with false promises.

We will not sacrifice our life, country and future generations for the profits of GMO companies. We believe that our government is for us - not for the GMO corporations profits. We hope that our government and you also join us save the earth from the GMO companies grip.

For millions of years our earth has served us. Now is the time for all people to join under a common oath to save the earth from the invasion of GMO companies. Where ever you live please unite with us.