Monday, 19 April 2010

Measures demanded to contain air pollution

Measures demanded to contain air pollution

Green activists on Saturday demanded immediate and effective measures to contain air pollution in the capital city as the concentration of dust has crossed the standard limit by five to ten times in the city air depending on the areas.

The green activists under the banner of Save Environment Movement formed a human chain in front of the office of Dhaka city mayor, Nagar Bhaban, to press home the demand.

Save Environment Movement chairman Abu Naser Khan, Nirapad Development Foundation chairman Ibnul Sayeed Rana, Save Environment Movement joint secretary Sagiruzzaman Shakik, Puran Dhaka Unnayan Forum president Nazimuddin and Bishwa Sahitya Kendra representative Mesbahuddin Suman were present on the occasion.

‘The Bangladeshi standard for the level of suspended particulate matter (air pollutant) in the residential areas is 200 micro gram per cubic metre. But the level touched 2000mg/m3 in different parts of the city,’ said Abu Naser Khan.

He said average dust concentration in the air of the capital varies from 1000 to 1200mg/m3 which is five to six times higher than the Bangladeshi standard and seven to eight times higher than the WHO standard. WHO sets SPM level in the commercial at 120mg/m3, he added.

‘Road digging, plying of uncovered sand-laden trucks and keeping construction materials open on the roadsides are the major causes of dust in the city, which are responsible for severe air pollution, posing health hazards to the city dwellers,’ he observed.

The green activists called on the government to formulate special policy to contain the steady increase in dust concentration in the city and to instruct all the authorities concerned to take strong measures to follow the respective rules while constructing building, digging roads and sweeping the roads.

Severe air pollution is threatening public health in the Dhaka city, they said.
Due to the excessive dust in Dhaka’s air, people are falling victim to different complex diseases including tuberculosis, asthma, respiratory complications, bronchitis and other skin diseases, they observed.

Sweeping of the city roads during daytime is another reason for increase in dust.
According to the city corporation rules, garbage collection and its disposal should be done before 8:00am but the rule is not duly followed.

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